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The first all natural sugar replacement product that's actually good for you.


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From your morning coffee to your favorite baked goods.

Our Story

I was a foodie before I knew there was a name for it. I also enjoy a good skinny jean and a fitted blazer. For a long time, I bought into the belief that you had to marry the one you loved most and divorce the other. Quite the love triangle.

One day, I realized I wanted to have my cake and eat it too! The following year I searched the world for natural ingredients that came from plants where I could follow their growth cycle from seed to sweet, without ever seeing a lab. What I wanted was a sweetener that didn’t change the flavor of my favorite things. A sweetener full of clean beneficial ingredients that actually helped my body work better.

I took what I learned from my research and what made my taste buds jump for joy and combined them into one simple sugar replacement. Stir was born, and I was in love. The forever kind. To be honest, I had planned on keeping it to myself. My secret sugar replacement that made my chocolate chip cookies taste amazing but didn’t change my waistline. But I’m a giver. So I shared my new love with some very talented chef and mixologist friends in Los Angeles and they loved it too!

In fact they loved it so much they asked me to make it for their restaurants to share with their guests. So I did. Now my sweetener can be found in cocktails and desserts around California and soon, the world. Consider it my gift to you. #EndTheLoveTriangle

xo, Leila

Leila Arcieri Stir Sweetener
Stir Sweetener Sugar Bowl

Sweet, with benefits

STIR Sweetener®, the first ultra-premium 100% natural sweetener that is actually good for you. Stir has vitamins minerals, a gram of fiber per serving, plus it’s low glycemic making it suitable for diabetics.

  • 2 net carbs per serving
  • 37% fewer calories than sugar
  • NO GMOs
  • NO Chemicals
  • NO Artificial ingredients
  • 1 gram of prebiotic fiber per serving
  • Lowers the glycemic index of foods by 20%
  • Gluten Free
  • OU Kosher Certified

We use the best quality USDA Certified Organic Coconut Palm Nectar. Sourced from farmers with generations of experience gently dehydrating the sweet nectar from the delicate flower blossoms of the coconut tree. And a proprietary blend of nutritionally beneficial ingredients developed to create the best sweetener you'll ever use.

Sweet with Benefits

Each serving of STIR Sweetener® is just 10 calories, delivers the benefits of slow release energy with just 2 net carbs, and the nutrients potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamins, amino acids, plus a gram of beneficial prebiotic fiber.
Use Stir Sweetener to substitute sugar in ANY recipe without changing your original measurements.
No aftertaste
STIR Sweetener® tastes great in both hot and cold beverages.
A source of fiber
Each serving of Stir Sweetener® contains a gram of healthy prebiotic fiber.
Low Glycemic
STIR Sweetener® is very low on the Glycemic Index, so that it doesn't spike your blood sugar. Suitable for those with diabetes.
Baked Goods Taste Fresher
Due to it's proprietary blend, STIR Sweetener® keeps baked goods moist longer than other sweeteners.
Made in Southern California
STIR Sweetener® is made right here in sunny, Southern California.


A few words from some of the top industry professionals.
Rob Floyd Facebook Robert Floyd LinkedIn Cocktail Theater Instagram
Robert Floyd
Celebrity Mixologist, 41 Ocean
"When I take over a bar program I always include a skinny cocktail because women will keep coming back for it again and again. With a great Skinny cocktail made with Stir I can grow a cocktail program by 18% in beverage."
Debbie Lee Facebook Mind Body Fork Instagram
Debbie Lee Food Network
Debbie Lee
Mind Body Fork, Food Network
"At Mind Body Fork we believe that refined sugars are the enemy. We use Stir Sweetener because it's all natural, it has nutrient value, and dietary substance."
Chef Vanessa Musi Facebook Chef Vanessa Musi Instagram
Chef Vanessa Musi
Chef Vanessa Musi
The Noble Baker
"As an influencer, it is my responsibility to test products constantly, and only recommend that which I LOVE and use personally. In my kitchen I have tested every sweetener you can imagine worldwide. Stir is hands down my favorite sweetener. And it makes the most AMAZING chocolate chip cookies ever. Be prepared for a life changing product."
Tortilla Republic WeHo Tortilla Republic WeHo Tortilla Republic Instagram
Morten Kaag
EG Hospitality
"Stir has gained popularity as an alternative sweetener at all our locations as our guests are becoming more educated about the damaging effects traditional sweeteners have on your body."

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